Quality Safes From Top Brands


What to Keep in Mind When Buying Quality Safes From Top Brands

Burglaries and natural disasters come unprecedented, that is why we need to take precautionary measures to secure ourselves and protect our belongings. An effective option for that is to purchase a safe. However, it can be challenging to find a reliable one that will suit our needs best. An easy way to find a reliable safe is to determine the top safe brands in the market. From there, it will be much easier to decide on a safe you want to purchase. In this article, we will find out why you need to purchase quality safes from top brands.

1. They are popular.

The most obvious reason for choosing quality safes from top brands is because they are popular. Most people recognise and use products from top brands. Those with experience using their safes are satisfied and would gladly testify about their product quality. Moreover, a top brand is expected to produce quality safes to uphold their popularity and good reputation.

2. They have secure locking mechanisms.

Top brands use the most secure locking mechanisms for their safes. Tthey can also provide options of dial/combination, digital number keypad, biometric, or lock and key. Several of the safe models from top brands provide dual locking systems, making your safe harder to access. Additionally, they have re-lockers that permanently lock the safe when triggered by an attack. You will need a locksmith to open the safe after a re-lock device has been activated.

3. They get a higher insurable cash rating.

Insurance rating or cash rating measures the security of a safe. It is also used by insurance companies to determine if it's suitable for keeping large amounts of cash. A higher cash rating means that the safe is highly secure and, therefore, more resistant to burglary attacks.

4. Made of sturdy materials.

As the leading manufacturers in their industry, top brands spare no expense in ensuring that they produce strong safes. They employ precision engineering and use thick, solid steel in building their products. Moreover, top brands are inclined to innovate and set themselves apart from other brands. Being in the business for several years, they have discovered their products' weaknesses and continue to improve them by building new models with better features.

5. They passed quality checks.

Quality safes from top brands have undergone rigorous testing to pass international standards. Most safes from top brands passed quality checks to ensure that they are effective in serving their purpose. Check for 'UL approved' stickers and other indications of being certified that the safe has passed quality checks. With this in mind, you can rest assured that you're getting the best safe.

Top Brands For Quality Safes

Among the best security safes available today, we highly recommend these top brands:

CMI Safe Co.

Their use of heavy-duty metals, advanced technology in locking mechanisms, and high-end design features all help to secure CMI’s place as a leading name in safe manufacturing.


They showcase a broad and diverse range of products made at their state-of-the-art facilities. In fact, they've done rigorous testing to ensure strength and quality.

Burg Wachter

They are a highly-popular German brand all over the world, with a rich history of manufacturing high-quality products with German precision engineering.


They have an extensive range of graded and fireproof home safes to protect your important documents and valuables. Their products have been tested and approved by world-famous verification institutes and are certified for both their fire protection and burglary safe features.

Platinum Safes

Their safes are known for their heavy-duty locking bolts, anti-fishing plates, unique corner locking bolts, and other additional security features.


In conclusion, whether you are getting home safe, fireproof safes, gun safe, drug safe, or a key cabinet, choosing a top brand will eliminate the risk of getting a substandard product. On the other hand, quality gun safes and drug safes will not only help keep your items secure, but they will also help you comply with specific laws in your area and provide a strong defence against health risks.

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