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Should I Buy an Outdoor Key Safe?

Owning an outdoor key safe Australia can have many benefits. However, like everything else that has to do with home security, key safes can also be vulnerable.

These sturdy key holders often serve two practical functions in a home. The first is that they can serve as an organiser and easy-to-remember container for all your keys. The second function is as a part of your home security system to prevent burglars.

There are two kinds of key safes: indoor and outdoor. Determining which of the two to get will depend on what and who you’re buying it for.

When are indoor key safes good to use?

If you have multiple areas or items in your home that need to be locked, such as a home office, vault, and jewellery drawer, it’s better for all family members to have all the keys in one place.

Indoor key safes also called key cabinet safes, are ideal for families that misplace keys often. They also benefit educational institutions and business establishments since they allow multiple authorised people to use the keys as needed.

When is it best to have an outdoor key cabinet safe?

You may have a loved one who has trouble moving around and answering the door. With outdoor key safes, you won’t have to disturb the person since you can access the property for as long as you have the access code or key to the outdoor key cabinet safe.

Deciding where to place the key cabinet safe

Concealing the key safe is always a good idea. Remember, it may only take a few hits with a sledgehammer for your key cabinets to be compromised.

Place the safe in a discreet location where observers and potential criminals are unlikely to see it, such as on a wall behind flower bushes.

If the safe has to be made visible, such as if you’re renting your home to temporary residents, then invest in a high-quality, durable safe to compensate for the reduced security. Make sure it’s installed properly to a non-moveable object such as a wall or post.

How to choose a key safe Australia

1. Determine your needs

Choosing the right key cabinet is all about evaluating your security needs while taking into account the people using it.

Elderly people, for example, may appreciate a fingerprint scanner safe than a combination safe or key-lock safe if they have trouble moving or seeing clearly.

2. Shop from the best brands

One great option for narrowing down your choices is to buy from established brands that produce high-quality safes.

For example, Diplomat, Guardall, and CMI have a wide range of key cabinet safes that are worth it for their price point.

3. Decide on a location

At this point, you may have a better idea of where to place the safe. If not, give yourself more time to consider the pros and cons of concealing the safe or leaving it out in the open.

Again, if the safe is to be used by people with mobility problems, then installing the safe in a concealed and hard-to-reach place may not be an option.

Looking for more security essentials?

Buying the best key safe Australia can offer is just one part of the bigger picture if you’re interested in improving your home security. Here at Buy A Safe, we sell everything from fireproof gun safes, deposit safe boxes, and drug safes for your medications. Call us now at 1300 405 200 and find out how our other products can help you.