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5 Clever Suggestions on How to Hide Your Wall Safe at Home

One of the main reasons homeowners and business owners go for a wall safe is the convenience of being able to hide it. You’ve probably seen your fair share of spy movies. With a press of a button, that inconspicuous tiny painting on the wall reveals a safe that holds untold riches.

If the idea of keeping your valuables in hidden wall safes for the home sounds appealing to you, we’re here to help you out.

In this article, we cover our favourite ideas on hiding wall safes so you can give burglars a run for their money.

1. Behind a large or heavy piece of furniture

We all have furniture that we dread moving — the enormous cabinet filled with dishware, the heavy piano, or that TV stand made from walnut wood. And you can bet that if you have trouble moving them, burglars will, too.

2. Behind a picture or painting

Yes, people do this and it can be effective. In our opinion, however, this works better in rooms that have multiple paintings and not just one.

Because a lot of people know about wall security safes, they’ll be quick to assume that the only large painting you have in the room is likely concealing a safe. But if you have a room or house that’s filled with paintings of different sizes and styles, burglars will have a much harder time finding your safe.

3. Behind a bookcase

The reading room is another good place for hidden wall safes for the home. There are humongous bookcases that you can install with an opening and closing mechanism to hide the safe. You’ve likely seen them in movies and yes, they do exist.

If you’d like a more affordable idea of hiding your small home safe, you can also just glue together a few books that span the length of the safe to conceal it.

4. In an uncommon room

The closet and main bedroom are now obvious places for burglars to look when searching for valuables. And you can bet they’ll search these areas for safes, too.

The best rooms to place your hidden wall safes for the home are typically in places that criminals don’t expect you to use that often, such as in your child’s bedroom or in the maid’s quarters.

5. Behind a fake electrical outlet

This is one crafty way to hide your safe. While you probably won’t find fake electrical outlets for sale, you can easily talk to an electrician and ask for advice on how to install non-working outlets for the purpose of concealing the safe.

Another tip when doing this is to hide everything behind a heavy couch or drawer for an extra layer of concealment.

Have your own brilliant ideas on how to hide a wall safe?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the ways to hide a home wall safe, and we’re confident you may even have some clever ideas of your own. So if you do, don’t hesitate to drop them in our comment section below. You never know who you can end up helping with your suggestions!