Time Lock Safe

Does Your Small Business Need a Time Lock Safe?

Security is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Almost every day, you hear about companies and people sustaining loss and damages due to security lapses or the lack of a proper security system. As the security needs of businesses grow, the technology used to deal with threats also has to adapt to deal with the risks. One such technology that may help secure your office is a time lock safe.

What does a time lock safe do?

Outwardly, time lock safes look like your standard combination safe — the main difference lies in how the safe is programmed to open, which is usually only at specific times, days, or after a short delay.

Many of these types of safes also let you enter a duration the person has to wait for the safe to open from the moment the access code is entered correctly. This can be anywhere between a couple of minutes to several hours. This is the primary feature of time lock safes that make them invaluable to businesses.

The benefits of having time lock safes

1. They discourage robbers.

Criminals who rob banks and other establishments will spend a good amount of time researching how secure the company is. If they know a business has a safe that won’t open right away even after they convince an employee to enter the combination, they’re less likely to target that business.

2. Attempted robberies are more likely to fail.

Let’s say robbers do target your business and your safe or vault has a time lock. If this detail wasn’t brought to their attention before, they may reconsider pushing through with the robbery.  They know the longer they stay, the more likely they’ll be apprehended.

Another important consideration is that there’s no override code with these safes, so robbers are left with two options — either wait for the safe to open, or give up.

3. Prevents employee theft.

Unfortunately, some crimes are done by people from within the business. A time lock safe in Australia can provide that extra layer of protection to prevent employee theft and create a more secure work environment.

Which businesses benefit the most from using them?

Businesses that keep a lot of cash or valuables on hand benefit the most from time delay or time lock safes. This includes credit unions, banks, pawnshops, and jewellery boutiques. Lately, pharmacies have also started using them for controlled substances to decrease pharmacy robberies.

If you’re not sure whether your business could use a time lock or time delay safe, it’s usually best to consult with a security expert before you make a purchase.

Where to buy time lock safes

There are several online safes shops that sell time lock safes. Here at Buy-A-Safe, we guarantee that our products are 100% genuine, and we have everything from drug safes, gun safes, filing cabinet safes, and more. If you’d like recommendations on which time lock safe Australia to buy, talk to one of our safe experts today by calling 1300 405 200.